Date : 26,27,28 April 2022


  • This tournament would be played with a red tennis ball.
  • Each Innings would start with a new ball.
  • On-field Umpire’s decision would be the final one.
  • All no balls( as per ICC rules front foot side line above the waist (direct delivery, fielding restriction etc ) result in a free hit in the next delivery where field can be changed only if the batsman has crossed over or no ball due to field restriction.
  • Only 6 overs per innings Max 3 bowlers can bowl 2 overs
  • Chucking is not allowed
  • No power play is applicable.
  • Minimum 4 fielders outside the 30 yard circle.
  • All teams should be in their proper kit.

PER TEAM ₹ 1500


  • 5 + 3 a side
  • Tie breaker for the tied match
  • The referee decision will be final
  • Rolling subs is available
  • All free kicks are indirect
  • A keeper can not throw the ball over the half court
  • Proper kit is compulsory

PER TEAM ₹ 1200


  • Each team consists of twelve players with 7 active players at the time of play and 5 substitutes.
  • The match is played for best of 3 sets for 25 points in each set with a rally score.
  • The service ball should not touch the net

PER TEAM ₹ 1200


  •  Food and Accommodation allowance only for Outstation team
  • ID card or bonafide are must
  • Delay in team reporting will be scratched
  • Illegal substances will be strictly prohibited inside the campus in case the team will be washed off and consequences will be very bad
  • Max Limit for team Cricket is 15, Football is 8, Throwball is 12.
  • In case of any immoral activities done by any team will be exiled from campus
  • Open to all streams
  • Only first 20 entrants will be allowed per game
  • Enquiry desk F31, F32

Register Contact

Naresh : 7603996628 / Daniel : 8072255087 / Kesavan : 9585346148 / Praveen : 8760139300