Practice School

Practice School is an innovative academic endeavor aiming at linking classroom education with corporate world. It intends to transform the students into Industry-ready even before the completion of their programmee by associating themselves with any organization of their choice based on the specialization students opted for.

Highlights of Practice School

  • First of its kind in South India
  • Partnerships with more than 20 companies in and around Madurai

Benefits of Practice School

  • It enhances business acumen and provides hands-on experience
  • It enables students to acclimatize to workplace culture
  • It serves as a platform for application of subject knowledge

As a part of our curriculum MBA students carry out their Practice School Study in Corporate companies/Financial Institutions/Insurance and Banking sectors./fmcs/logistics

S. No Year Program Duration Remark
1 I MBA Internship April to May        (2 Months) Full-Time
2 II MBA Practice School June to October (5 Months) Twice a week ( WED & THU)
3 II MBA Project Work Dec  to February(3 Months) Full-Time