Academic Year – 2023-24

 Further to the “MBA Admission Assessment” conducted on 26.03.2023, the following candidates have provisionally been shortlisted to pursue an MBA Programme at RL Institute of Management Studies, Madurai.

To complete the admission process, the candidates are required to make an advance payment of Rs.40,000/- on or before 15.04.2023. The payment shall be made either in cash or online.

To make the payment online, visit Payment Gateway 

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In case of any clarification regarding the MBA Admission to RLIMS, kindly contact us on +91 95006 65581 & +91 88070 72121.


  1. This assessment, which is compulsory to secure an MBA admission to RLIMS, is conducted for internal purposes only.
  2. Besides appearing for this assessment, the candidates concerned must adhere to the minimum eligibility requirement laid down by AICTE and Madurai Kamaraj University.


Admission Team – RLIMS

S. No Name of the candidates
1 Sesikan P
2 Pragathi S
3 Nandhini R
4 Rajesh C
5 Krithika K
6 Sridhar B
S.No Name
1 Archana S
2 Balamurugan R
3 Harini M
4 Jeevitha R
5 Iswarya K
6 Chandra Pandi M
7 Aishwarya M
8 Monisha K S
9 Sivaraman K
10 Rajalogesh R
11 Karthikeyan N R
12 Mullaikodi R
13 Priyanka M S