In a stimulating event that captivated attendees with its depth and relevance, EXIMIUS – THE HR CONCLAVE saw HR professionals from esteemed companies share invaluable insights on conflict management. Hosted at RLIMS on April 24,2024, the event witnessed a vibrant exchange of ideas and perspectives.

Ms. Nithya Kalyani, a seasoned HR professional from Elysium Technologies, Madurai, kicked off the session by shedding light on the nuances of effective conflict resolution. Drawing from her extensive experience, Ms. Kalyani provided practical strategies for identifying, addressing, and mitigating conflicts in the workplace. Her presentation resonated with the audience, offering actionable takeaways for both budding HR professionals and seasoned practitioners alike.

Following Ms. Kalyani’s engaging discourse, Ms. Mirra, representing A&T Video Networks, took the stage to delve into the complexities of conflict management. With a meticulous analysis of its causes, types, and consequences, Ms. Mirra offered profound insights into navigating conflicts within organizational settings. Her comprehensive approach sparked thought-provoking discussions among attendees, highlighting the importance of proactive conflict resolution strategies in fostering a harmonious work environment.

The event reached its zenith during the interactive Q&A session, where students seized the opportunity to engage with the speakers directly. From seeking advice on handling specific workplace scenarios to exploring innovative approaches to conflict resolution, the Q&A segment provided a platform for dynamic dialogue and knowledge exchange.

The event not only enriched participants with practical insights but also served as a testament to the significance of continuous learning and collaboration in the field of HR management

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