• Admission Open 2024- 25
  • For Admission Contact : 9500665581

Two Days Training Workshop on Perspectives in Organization & Management by Actor Kitty

Renowned speaker and organizational expert, Mr. Raja Krishnamoorthy, captivated participants on Day 1 of his workshop with an immersive exploration of organizational growth dynamics. Attendees were enlightened by his groundbreaking concept of ‘3perform = per + form’, which promises to revolutionize performance cycles. Mr. Krishnamoorthy left a lasting impact by empowering attendees with invaluable insights aimed at fostering impactful work environments.

On Day 2, the workshop continued its momentum with a focus on self-discovery and organizational mastery. Participants embarked on a journey of enlightenment as Mr. Krishnamoorthy elucidated the culture cycle, offered strategies for effective problem-solving and conflict management, and provided a comprehensive analysis of the ‘3 categories of conflict’.

With each session, attendees left inspired and equipped with actionable knowledge, poised to implement positive changes within their organizations. Mr. Raja Krishnamoorthy’s workshop concluded on a high note, leaving a lasting impression on all who participated.


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